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Frequently Asked Questions

All questions matter. Here are answers to the common ones we receive.

What are the physical requirements to fly a glider?

Glider pilots “self certify” that they are able to fly. There is no FAA medical requirement beyond that. We will work with a candidate to determine their ability to fly and solo in a glider. Our goal is to teach students who do not have use of one or more limbs.

Is the training FAA approved?

All of our instructors are FAA certified, and we teach to FAA standards. Our flying can lead to certification as an FAA Certified Private Glider pilot.

Is soaring safe?

Yes, extremely safe. As a reference, a 14-year old can solo in a glider, and a Private Glider certificate can be earned at age 16.

How long is training?

Our Flight Academy is a one- or two-day course, depending on if it's held at the US Air Force Academy (USAFA) in Colorado Springs or Meadow Lake Airport, in Falcon, Colorado. Thirty solo flights, sixty preparation flights, and an FAA written test are required prior to the FAA checkride to earn a Private Glider Pilot Certificate

What is the cost?

There is no charge for the Flight Academy. If a student elects to continue, costs will be shared for training. Soaring Eagle Foundation arranges payment for flights at High Flights Soaring Club at Meadow Lake (approximately $50 per flight), and the student pays initiation fees and dues to the glider club (initiation is approximately $200 and dues are $50/month).

What can you do with a Private Glider License?

You may elect to fly locally, gaining experience while flying with friends and family. You can become an instructor, teaching others to soar. You can also fly cross country, soaring to altitudes above 25,000 feet and flying along the Colorado Front Range and beyond. There are also many cross country and aerobatic competitions.

How do I apply to soar?

Complete the document attached to this link and send to Applications are reviewed before each soaring academy session.